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Business Analysis

Learn the core principles and practices of business analysis with QTechEd's comprehensive course. Whether you're an aspiring analyst or an IT professional looking to enhance your skills, this course provides a solid foundation in business analysis methodologies, techniques, and tools. We offer a blend of  interactive lectures, case studies, and practical exercises, will enable you to learn to identify business needs, elicit requirements, analyze data, and communicate effectively with stakeholders. Gain the confidence and expertise needed to drive business success and make informed decisions. Join us and embark on your journey to becoming a proficient business analyst.

Why take this course?

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand functional testing concepts and practical use of testing tools

  • Understand how to work in an Agile environment

  • Understand the basics of Automation using Selenium tool

  • Prepare for the ISTQB exam

  • Start testing applications

  • Update your CV and LinkedIn with your PMTP certificate + Adactin Certified Badge

30 days access | Certification | IT skills

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